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Community Service Form


About Community Service Forms

Forms are collected, tallied, and a report written twice per year, in October and March. The October report reflects volunteer work and donations for the period of April thru September, and the March report reflects the period of October thru March. 

The left hand side provides categories; if your work is not reflected, add it in the category which best describes it, or write it in one of the blank spaces. Use the back of the form to describe in a line or two where you volunteer and what you do. The number of people means either you alone or with a spouse, not how many volunteers participate overall. Try to keep track of your hours to put it under units of measure or hours, doubling it if your spouse volunteered with you. If you know the monetary value of your work, it goes under value estimate. I believe the value is subjective because we all value our time differently. 

When it comes to food, clothing or money, under the value estimate, please estimate the value of the food or clothing you have given, not how many items. If you feel comfortable disclosing your charitable contributions, again on the flip side, what charities and the amount. If you participate in the unit food and toy drives only, you need not submit a form because my letter to Vic Carnes reflects the contribution of the Watchung Unit as a whole. 

I am hoping this reduces some confusion, and I am available if you have questions. Email us for any needed clarification.

Linda Kiesel



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